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Mark Lindsay Music & Memorabilia

LOOKING FOR SHELTER - Mark Lindsay - Personally Autographed to YOU

LOOKING FOR SHELTER - Mark Lindsay - Personally Autographed to YOU

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Shelter CD front cover

 Shelter CD back cover

This is a 2004 CD release of a project that Mark recorded digitally in 1989-1990 at Kiva Studios in Memphis, with former Raider (after Mark's tenure) Michael Bradley. He kept in under wraps, but in 2003 decided to re-visit the analog version he'd saved, and added some extra tracks recorded at the time. Heaven Is Where You Are and Perfect World were recorded with Michael Bradley down in Florida, and Fly On The Wall is the writing session for Back To You. We've also included a demo version of Shelter, recorded with another former Raider, Freddy Weller, at his place near Nashville. Michael Lewis also added some B-3 for a very cool intro on Kicks. Mark will PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPH the CD to the name of your choice.

If you're interested in a collectible set consisting of this CD, one of the original small batch of CDs that were made in 1990 ONLY for promotion and to send out for record labels to consider (not for sale at the time), and a collection of 10 candid photos from the recording sessions in 1990, please check out

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