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Maui Benefit: Legend of Sea Glass (Mermaids) - w/Card Personally Autographed to YOU by Mark Lindsay

Maui Benefit: Legend of Sea Glass (Mermaids) - w/Card Personally Autographed to YOU by Mark Lindsay

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From now through October or until we run out - 20% of all sales of this item will be donated to the Maui Food Bank and the Maui Humane Society to help Maui residents in their time of need. Thank you for helping us help them. 

From our shop in Maine: The book comes with a Hawaiian card (as shown below) personally autographed to the name of your choice. Mark does not sign the book unless you ask  if you want that as well; please send note right away via the store, NOT Facebook Messenger (since we don't use that and won't see it). Of course, you can use this as an excuse to get a card for yourself, and a present for a friend or child! :)

Age: Childrens
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 32
Size: 9" x 10-3/4"

From the publisher: Long, long ago there was a time when men did not venture into the deep ocean waters. It was believed that the world was flat and to sail beyond the horizon meant falling off the edge of the earth. So even though they were drawn to and fascinated by the ocean, men feared it. And as men lived their lives above the water, far beyond their view and in the ocean's deepest depths lived mysterious and magical sea creatures, half girl and half fish. These shy, gentle creatures were called mermaids and much loved by the ocean. And when men finally overcame their fear and ventured out to sea, risking disaster and even death, it was the mermaids who came to their rescue. Written by award-winning author Trinka Hakes Noble, this original legend explains the origin of sea glass, attributing it to the tears of mermaids, weeping for lives lost at sea.

We'll include a Hawaiian card as shown, which Mark will PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPH to the name of your choice. This is a greeting card in the form of a Hawaiian shirt which opens up in the center where the buttons would be. It has a glossy exterior finish and measures 8-1/4" wide and 6-3/4" high.


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